Roof Coating & Roof Sealing Lincolnshire

If any roof repair work was required this is given adequate time for the mortar to fully cure before the application of the chosen roof coating product is applied. The coating is normally carried out on the day following the roof cleaning ,however some homes with shaded north facing elevations that get little sun then further drying time often needs to be allowed.

All sensitive areas, including conservatory roofs, gutters and soffits will be protected from any incidence of over spray.

For homes with concrete roof tiles then it is recommended that a coloured roof coating is the preferred product with the customer able to choose from the Climashield™ product range offered by the UK's preeminent sealant supplier Smartseal™ UK Ltd. If you have clay or slate tiles then a clear acrylic sealer is the preferred choice for those wishing to protect and enhance the natural appearance of these products.

The only method of application is via an airless sprayer. These professional pieces of equipment will ensure that an even and adequate coating is applied. The contractor will apply, after cutting in the perimeter by hand, a heavier first coat that will absorb to a significant depth into the tile structure.

The consistency of the Climashield™ product range has been specifically manufactured to offer great longevity in colour retention, using liquid pigments, and protective elements unlike some other roof paints it does not need to be watered down to be applied.

Once the contractor has applied this heavier first coating then after a suitable drying time a second application is carried out to further protect and enhance the tile structure.

Once the site has been fully cleaned and tidied a final customer walk around is carried out to ensure complete satisfaction.

If you have thought about having your roof cleaned and enhanced with a coloured coating and would like a FREE no obligation quote from a company that is not paying for canvassers and sales people you deal directly with the installers then please call us on 0800 849 9498 or complete our on line enquiry form by clicking HERE.

We cover the entire county of Lincolnshire including the following places Boston, Bourne, Brigg, Grimsby, Grantham, Horncastle, Lincoln, Mablethorpe, Market Rasen, Scunthorpe, Spalding, Skegness and  Wisbech

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Roof Coating & Roof Sealing Lincolnshire image
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