Roof Repairs Lincolnshire

Many properties have very minor repairs that need to be carried out with often one or two cracked tiles that need to be locally sourced and replaced.

However some require more attention particularly those experiencing extremes of weather in coastal locations or are at an age where the mortar is starting to be eroded.

The contractor will, once the roof clean is completed, re check the whole roof for tiles that have emerged from layers of moss growth that need replacing and likewise ensure that all ridge tiles, valleys, hips and lead flashings are all in good condition. A check will also be made on any chimney stack to ensure they are well pointed and in a safe and stable condition.

If any rebedding or repair is required this will all be carried out by the contractor on site ,as all have extensive experience in remedial repairs.

The customer will be kept informed of all repairs carried out and none will proceed that require additional expenditure unless fully discussed and the go ahead to proceed given.

We have registered installers carrying out extensive roof repair work as part of a broader roof restoration programme throughout Lincolnshire and it's major towns including the following  Boston, Bourne, Brigg, Grimsby, Grantham, Horncastle, Lincoln, Mablethorpe, Market Rasen, Scunthorpe, Spalding, Skegness and  Wisbech.

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Roof Repairs Lincolnshire image
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